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Real Estate Law includes many areas of law and is the field of law that deals with real or personal rights on real estate. In order to provide good legal service in this field, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the legal disciplines that deal with rights on real estate, such as Law of Obligations, Zoning Law, Turkish Civil Code, Cadastral Law.

As Şafak & Koparan Law Firm, it offers consultancy and litigation services with its staff consisting of lawyers specialized in Real Estate and Construction law.

Our main services we provide in this field are:

  • Independent Section Construction Contract in Exchange for Land Share
  • Cases for Forced Registration or Correction of Incorrect Registration
  • Services We Provide Within the Scope of Property Ownership Law
  • Preparation of Contracts Regarding “Construction” Activities Such as FIDIC, Rough Work, Consultant Engineering Contract, Build-Operate-Transfer, Fixed Price or Lump Sum
  • Legal and Actual Confiscation Cases Without Expropriation
  • Cases for Prohibition of Intervention, Ecrimisil, Dissolution of Partnership (Exclusion of Rights) Cases
  • Mortgage Establishment on Real Estate, Preparation of Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Resolution of Disputes Related to Brokerage Activities (real estate or real estate companies) regarding the real estate,
  • Lawsuits Filed by Owners Following the Registration of SIT Areas, Protected Areas, Historical Artifacts or Cultural Assets

For more information on this field, you can access our articles by clicking the “Blog” section on our website. To receive legal services, you can contact us through the “Online Consultancy Service” section on our website or send us your problems by filling out the “Contact Form”.

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