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Obligations and Contract Law

The subject of the law of obligations regulates the debt relations between the parties. This debt relationship; It can appear as giving, doing or refraining from doing something.

The source of a debt;

  • Debt relationships arising from legal transactions and contracts
  • Claims for compensation arising from tort,
  • It creates debt relations arising from unjust enrichment.

The most common source of a debt is contracts. A contract is a bilateral legal transaction. The contract is completed when the parties express their consent mutually and in accordance with each other. Although there are issues that need to be taken into consideration in every contract, support from an expert is required depending on the nature of the contract.

It is much more economical to fully comply with the rules of law when making strategic business plans and conducting business, and to consult a lawyer when concluding a contract or making an administrative decision, than trying to resolve a dispute that may arise through judicial means. In other words, “preventive legal service” is cheaper than “compensatory legal service”.

The main points to be considered when preparing the contract:

  • Parties to the contract,
  • Definition and legal nature of the contract,
  • Rights and obligations of the parties,
  • Date of the contract,
  • Maturity of the contract and consequences of expiry of the maturity,
  • Determination of penalties for non-fulfillment of the contract, cases of default and optional rights,
  • Validity and imposition of penal conditions,
  • Shameful situation,
  • Terms of change in the contract,
  • Use and conditions of innovation rights,
  • Features based on reservations,
  • Ruling gaps.

As Şafak & Koparan Law and Consultancy Firm; We guarantee the legal rights of our clients by providing legal support during the negotiation phase of contracts, preparing and interpreting them, and analyzing possible or existing product liability issues.

For more information on this field, you can access our articles by clicking the “Blog” section on our website. To receive legal service, you can contact us through the “Online Legal Service” section on our website or send us your problems by filling out the “Contact Form”.

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