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Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is a branch of law consisting of legal rules that regulate to whom, in what proportion and in what way, the rights and obligations, that is, the assets, which can be measured in money, will pass to whom a real person dies.

Dawn & As Koparan Law Firm, we provide the following services regarding inheritance law regulated in the Turkish Civil Code No. 8049:

  • Cases for denial and restitution of inheritance
  • Rejection of inheritance, cases regarding appointment of a representative to the inheritance company
  • Cases for cancellation of inheritance certificate
  • Obtaining the inheritance certificate
  • Inheritance, criticism and collusion cases

For more information on this field, you can access our articles by clicking the “Blog” section on our website. To receive legal service, you can contact us through the “Online Legal Service” section on our website or send us your problems by filling out the “Contact Form”.

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