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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to get legal help? Can I follow it myself?

In the Turkish Legal system, it is not mandatory to get legal assistance. However, the existence of special procedural provisions in civil proceedings makes it necessary to have a lawyer in the trial. Because if the procedural provisions are not fulfilled, the case will be lost. The important thing is not to be right in the case, but to prove rightness in the case. In this regard, even if it is not legally obligatory to hire a lawyer, it is necessary to be able to conduct and maintain cases.

What do I need to know before filing a lawsuit?

Before filing a lawsuit, you should consult with an expert lawyer and, if possible, have the case handled by an expert lawyer.

Who can I get help from when filing a lawsuit?

When filing a lawsuit, you can only get help from lawyers who are experts in this field. People other than lawyers who claim to be purse dealers, influence traders, judges and prosecutors should not be trusted at all and only legal support should be sought from lawyers.

Is there a fee for consultation?

Although it is forbidden for a lawyer to do unpaid work, consultancy in this section is also a professional activity of law.

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