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Banking and Finance Law

Dawn & Koparan Law and Consultancy Office; It provides legal consultancy, litigation and enforcement services to banks, asset management companies, financial leasing companies, factoring companies and various financial institutions. Our office provides experienced and effective legal services in this legal discipline.

Our office, regarding commercial, consumer export and all other cash and non-cash loans; It guarantees the rights of its clients in the preparation of loan agreements, arranging guarantees, preparation of mortgage, pledge, commercial enterprise pledge agreements, registration of mortgage or pledge in the land registry or registry, and preparation of bank letters of guarantee or letters of credit. In addition, our office has a great success rate with its practical and solution-oriented approach in converting mortgages into cash and collecting loan receivables.

Institutions and organizations whose commercial life is out of balance; We also provide legal consultancy on reviewing loan agreements, capital evaluation, risk management and debt restructuring.

Dawn & As Koparan Law and Consultancy Firm, the main services we provide are;

  • Consultancy services on the functioning, structure and organization of Banking Law and Finance/Credit institutions,
  • Litigation and enforcement follow-up services regarding the collection of receivables for banks, asset management and factoring companies,
  • Participating in the negotiation phase of commercial or non-commercial loan agreements, preparation and giving opinions,
  • Risk management,
  • Preparing detailed documents for business strategies for those planning to invest in financial assets.

For more information on this field, you can access our articles by clicking the “Blog” section on our website. To receive legal service, you can contact us through the “Online Legal Service” section on our website or send us your problems by filling out the “Contact Form”.

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