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Who Are We?

Şafak & Koparan Law and Consultancy Firm; It is a law firm that operates mostly in the field of private law. Our office has service points on the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul and in Adana.

Our office; It provides services in the fields of Commercial Law, Labor Law, Real Estate Law, Obligations and Contract Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Competition Law, Economic Law, Trademark and Patent Law, Inheritance Law, Foreigners and Citizenship Law, and Criminal Law.

Our Vision

As Şafak & Koparan Law Firm, our vision is; Our aim is to improve day by day, expand our target audience with innovative perspectives and solutions, and provide legal services at universal standards.

By combining our vision with knowledge and experience, we continue to increase our experience day by day by bringing a solution-oriented approach to problems with a young and dynamic team.

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